If you ever need one more reason to be grateful, here's yet another. Yes, we are here in the midst of a heart-wrenching global pandemic. However, many of us here in the United States are finding ways to stay home as much as possible and stay safe. We should never, ever, ever take this for granted. I can't even believe how fortunate we are sometimes.

For example, how amazing is it that we can order groceries and our favorite take-out and either pick it up curbside or even have it delivered to our front doors? Amazing. On top of just the basics, there are even a plethora of delicious options that would make the queens and kings of old envious. For example, please consider The Apple Gal. 

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Honestly, before the quarantine, I'd not had the privilege of learning that this was an option. She will deliver beautifully decorated caramel apples to your front door if you live in the Tyler area. But there's also pickup on Thursdays and Fridays. That, alone, is a lovely thought. But oh, that's just the beginning...

The Apple Gal seems to have created the kind of caramel apple concoctions you'd imagine in your dreams. From the new Cinnamon Toast Crunch apples to S'more Apples to the drool-inspiring "The Reese's," the options are many.

They can even create themed apples for holidays and parties, including Easter bunnies and chicks recently to Marvel superheroes.

Take a look at their Facebook page here where you can tab over to see a full menu.


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