I am a huge smoothie fan. The idea of making a healthy meal mobile makes my brain happy. If you're wanting to incorporate more of all the fruits and veggies we know we're supposed to be eating, but don't have time to laboriously crunch your way through a salad, this is a life-saver. Perhaps, literally--if all the doctors and nutritionists are right.

I've shared my all-time favorite go-to smoothie here. I will usually indulge in that one a couple times a week. However, I've recently started feathering this one in from time to time and it's amazing if you need a lift and want to pack in a bunch of anti-inflammatory foods into your body as quickly as possible. Original recipe comes from one of my favorite health gurus, Marco Borges. I've tweaked it a bit, but I highly recommend his smoothies. :)

As aforementioned in my previous article: Trust me on this, get a high-quality blender--it makes much better smoothies. I use a Vita-mix, which wasn't cheap but I love it and I see it as an investment. There are many quality blenders, though, that you can get for less. 

OK on to the.... Skin & Soul Brightening Smoothie  (Double recipe for multiple persons):
>A huge handful of dark, leafy greens (2-3 cups): could be spinach, dark green lettuce mixes, kale, super greens...whatever. Just no iceberg. 
>One or two bananas, frozen if possible but not necessary (pre-freeze a few of these ahead of time in freezer bags)
>Peel a kiwi or two and fling it in there
>A cup of frozen pineapple 
>A 1/2 to 1 inch piece of ginger root (this is a strong flavor, so add in slowly. It's incredibly good for you, though.)
>A 1/2 to 1 inch piece of turmeric root (also a strong flavor, so add in slowly. It's incredibly good for you, though.) Deja Vu?
>Fresh orange juice (please try and find actually fresh-squeezed orange juice. We don't need any added sweeteners.)
>Crazy special ingredient? Add 1/2 tsp of black pepper. Sounds crazy, but it's adds a fun perk. 
This one isn't for those looking for a smoothie that basically tastes like ice cream. It's delicious, though. It tastes a bit exotic and it packs a heckuva nutritional, skin and soul brightening punch.
ENJOY! Your body will thank you. <3

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