Sometimes, politicians do things that just makes us scratch our head. I, for one, think all of our politicians are a bunch morons in a suit. So I guess, in a way, this story doesn't surprise me at all. It involves our Texas Senator Ted Cruz and a tweet he sent out yesterday, February 2, that was a sad attempt at comedy.

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Mother Nature has locked Texas in the freezer for the next couple of days. Schools have closed, some businesses have closed and even some local government entities have closed their doors for the day. It's disrespectful outside and will remain with us into tomorrow (February 3).

For some of us Texans, we are having flashbacks to snowmageddon around this time last year. It was five days of below zero at night and teens for highs during the day with a thick blanket of snow on the ground. We hunkered down, sometimes without power, all the time without water, and made it through until temps finally went above freezing that Friday.

During that time, we learned that our Senator Ted Cruz whisked his family away to Cancun for a moment of warmth. Many in Texas, and around the country, ridiculed him for taking such a trip when there were Texans freezing, with some dying, because of the artic storm.

That brings us to yesterday when Ted Cruz sent out a politically engaged tweet with a hint of comedy that seemed to fail for some folks. Here is the tweet in question:

So yeah. We know. Everything has gone up in price. And yeah, we get the little jab at yourself following last year's debacle. I'm just looking at this and can only facepalm. This just affirms my belief that all of our politicians are nothing more than a bunch of buffoons in a suit trying to look hip.

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