Cake making has really evolved over the years, as a matter of fact, someone hit the FAST FORWARD button on cake baking because in the span of the last 10-20 years, cakes have gone extreme. Gone are the days of the regular old cake with icing and your name on the top, now cakes look like huge spectacles, and some even look like other food. A bakery in Houston is getting a lot of attention on TikTok after a video by a couple sharing one of their "hyper-realistic" cakes was used in a prank.

A Wife Surprises Her Husband With Wings In Bed...SIKE.

With over 4 million views to its credit, TikTok user @itsthescotts got everyone talking when they posted this video of a cake that looks like buffalo wings with sauce and celery sticks but in reality, is a creation of Sarah Ono Jones of Houston's Common Bond Bistro.

Jones Is A Food Network "Halloween Wars" season 3 champion and she shows you how she made the wing cake on TikTok.

While the "chicken wing cake" got everyone's attention, Jones has been making other amazing creations that you have to see to believe! One of the wildest creations that most recently posted is a cake that looks like RAW CHICKEN. Seriously!

The Scotts Used The Raw Chicken Cake In Another Prank Video

Raw Chicken Cake Prank Part 2.

And you can't forget the fake out on the Chick-fil-A sandwich.

@itsthescotts Reply to @just.weno what should I get made next?? #realisticcake #sandwhichcake ♬ original sound - The Scotts


Jones' work has also been featured on the Disney+ series "Foodtastic".

Which more than likely explains why one of her cakes is modeled after the super popular "Grogu" aka "Baby Yoda" from the streaming series "The Mandalorian".

That's not all, you gotta see these cakes made into various items including a "Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich, a "raw steak". even BRISKET and other crazy and wacky things.

You can have a piece of this heart....


How About A Fully Stocked Fish Cake For The Fisherman In Your Life? Check out the Yeti Cooler!

To see more of her cakes, follow Sarah Ono Jones on TikTok 

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