Solar eclipses are a very cool phenomena. This is when the moon, in it's rotation around the Earth, passes in front of the sun, temporarily blocking the light from the sun. We've seen these in East Texas many times and can view them using many different methods. Coming up April 8 of 2024, East Texas will be front and center for a total eclipse that will make us go dark for a short period of time. While we wait for that day, we will get a preview this Saturday (October 14) with a "Ring of Fire" eclipse.

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Solar Eclipse

For those that love to look at the skies, April 8 of 2024 is going to be a very fun day. A total eclipse is happening with a path that will take it directly over a portion of East Texas. What does this mean? Well, we will go dark for a bit while the moon moves in front of the sun during it's orbit around the Earth. The path of the eclipse has an ominous name, Path of Totality, but it simply means that the areas along this path will go dark for a few minutes as the moon passes by. Let's just hope that our spring time weather will cooperate and give us a clear day to view the eclipse. Although, an eclipse while a thunderstorm is in progress could be really cool, too.

Ring of Fire Eclipse

This Saturday, October 14, at about 11:55 a.m., we will get to witness a "Ring of Fire" eclipse. This is where the moon will pass between Earth and the sun. But unlike the solar eclipse we will see in April, this won't fully block the sun. Instead, there will be a ring around the moon that makes it look like it's on fire, hence "Ring of Fire." Over us in East Texas, we will see about 90% coverage of the sun.

Jongsun Lee via
Jongsun Lee via

How to View the Eclipse

Just like any eclipse where you are having to look directly at the sun, you will need special glasses to witness the "Ring of Fire" eclipse. You can find them on Amazon for a decent price. If you don't have time for an Amazon order to get to your house, you can always use the old school method some of us learned in elementary school of poking a hole in a piece of paper then holding it over another piece of paper.

Time of the Eclipse Saturday

No matter how you view the "Ring of Fire" eclipse this Saturday, it's going to be a spectacular sight. It is expected to start at 11:55 a.m. Saturday and last for about five minutes give or take.

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