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Based on previous years, it's estimated that 366 people will die in traffic accidents over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Some of the deadliest roads are right here in Texas- Dallas and Houston are especially fraught with peril. In the past, 37% of these fatalities involved alcohol. 

Of course, statistics are well-informed estimations based on trends in data, so how will COVID-19 affect these totals? It's impossible to know for sure, but I think its incredibly significant that Governor Greg Abbot allowed bars to open as of Friday (5/23/2020), the beginning of this holiday weekend.

Of course, a responsible bar will not over-serve their patrons, however, I am concerned that folks with that much pent-up energy may go overboard and foolishly choose to drive. Memorial Day should be a solemn holiday as we remember our country's venerated military dead. But most folks treat it as a warm-up for July 4th, another deadly traffic holiday weekend.

Folks choosing not to travel this year may offset these numbers- many of us just can't afford to go anywhere, or are avoid public spaces until they are more confident the threat of COVID-19 is mitigated.

Please, enjoy your holiday. We deserve it, we need the break. But don't end up a dumb statistic for an article next year. Ubers are incredibly inexpensive, especially compared to court or funeral costs.

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