Now that's how you sell a sponsorship deal.

Sports sponsorships come in many forms. You could buy an ad in the venue, you could name the stadium and some teams are even throwing ads onto their uniforms nowadays. The Corpus Christi Hooks may have the most insane sponsorship I have ever seen right now with Whataburger. Every Wednesday home game, the Hooks are no more. You will refer to them as the Corpus Christi Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits. Doesn't really roll off the tongue, but it is memorable.

The Hooks apparently had this deal ready to go last year for Whataburger's 70th anniversary in 2020, but all of the minor league season was cancelled due to Covid. So, roll it out this year.

“We look forward to celebrating this iconic menu item while taking the Celebrate Whataburger Collection to the next level,” said Hooks General Manager Brady Ballard. “Missing the 2020 season has fans starving for Hooks Baseball, and we felt we could indulge that craving with a tasty new uniform every Wednesday.”

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The uniform will feature "orange-and-white-striped uniforms inspired by Whataburger’s iconic table tents, while the on-field hats will be orange-and-white versions of the Hooks’ Fauxback caps," Hooks officials said in a press release.

I got to be honest, I want one of those jerseys and hats. Good news is, they're for sale in their store. Also, may need to take some time off and road trip to Corpus Christi. Got to cheer on the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits!

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