Of the many things that can be thought of that are truly Texan, the Dallas Cowboys and Whataburger will always top the list. Now, those two Texas icons have come together to make Whataburger the Official Burger of the Dallas Cowboys.

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Whataburger President and CEO, Ed Nelson, had this statement at whataburger.com:

Football is serious business in the Lone Star State, and for the past 60 years, the Dallas Cowboys have built a legendary culture. Texans also take great pride in their burgers. Since 1950, Whataburger has been serving customers hot, fresh burgers, just the way they like it. Together, the Cowboys and Whataburger bring 130 years of experience in winning Texans’ hearts. It’s a partnership with the greatest home field advantage of all – our fans and communities.

This does beg the question, will we see Whataburger set up at AT&T Stadium to enjoy a #1 with cheese and large Dr. Pepper while watching a Cowboys win? That news has not come down but it sure would be cool if it does happen.

Whataburger was opened in Corpus Christi in 1950 by Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton. The name came from Harmon Dobson wanting to make a burger that needed two hands to eat and was so good you're initial reaction would be "what a burger!" Whataburger has grown to 670 stores in Texas and 126 in other Southern states.

The Dallas Cowboys began playing in 1960. The team has made eight Super Bowl appearances, winning five. Only the New England Patriots have more appearances with eleven. Jerry Jones took over the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 and turned the Cowboys from a struggling franchise, financially, into the most valued team in all of sports at $5.5 billion dollars.

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