Here in the lone star state, we have lots to be proud of but according to a new survey there is still one thing that we can work on, that would be the cleanliness of the public bathrooms. While a large portion of this responsibility goes to the employees of whatever establishment has the public bathroom, if you occupy that bathroom you need to try not to make a huge mess. According to this new survey by Lavatory Lab, the state of Texas only scored a 5.2 out of 10 when if comes to clean public bathrooms. 

While we still scored higher than every other state that borders Texas (except Louisiana, which we tied), we can still do better. When it comes to the results you have to realize that this survey was only conducted with 3,000 people which is a very small sample size when you’re ranking all 50 states on the cleanliness of their bathrooms. 

I’m Sure Buc-ee's Helped Our Score 

Everyone knows that Buc-ee's prides themselves on having some of the cleanest bathrooms available, so I’m sure they helped our score a little bit. But, there are Buc-ee's in other states as well so they didn’t only help Texas.  

What State Has the Cleanest Bathrooms? 

As I look on the map it seems like Maine and Vermont both scoring 8 out of 10 are at the top, Utah wasn’t far behind with a 7.8. Here is the map of the states, so you can see each of the scores for yourself. 

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