Thieves are the lowest of the low. Those thieves don't always have to be breaking into your home or car either. Some thieves like to be tricky and offer a great deal or a nice gift. These thieves are smart, too. They'll disguise it as coming from a legitimate company that we all love like, say, Texas Roadhouse. Learn how to avoid the hundreds that are on Facebook right now.

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Lately, Texas Roadhouse has been the perfect eye catcher for scammers online in East Texas. The offer sounds super delicious and very affordable, it's hard not to jump on it so you and the family can have a nice dinner without having to do the dishes later. This latest "offer" is said to come from the new Texas Roadhouse CEO Thomas Bernardino to "start my job off with a good deed." The scammers write empathetically about "recent tough times" and "wanting to reward everyone." Then ask you to share and comment over the next 24 hours to get a meal for two for lunch or dinner at any Texas Roadhouse.


Yeah, it all looks legit, right? However, there are some ways to figure out that this is a scam.

Lack Of The Blue Checkmark

There would be a blue checkmark next to Texas Roadhouse to show that it's the legitimate Texas Roadhouse Facebook page.


The Date The Page Was Created

Another tell-tale sign is the date the page was created. You can see a box on the left hand side of a Facebook page and see when it was created. If it's only a couple of days old, it's a scam.

Obvious Misspellings And Grammar Mistakes

Another thing to look for is in how the post reads. If you have a hard time reading it because of wrong punctuation or misspelled words, it's a scam page.

If its too good to be true, it probably is.

Just scrolling through Facebook you can see the huge list of fake pages that have been created just for this purpose. The pages are set up to steal your information then abandoned. I spent just over 2 minutes scrolling and clicking on various Texas Roadhouse fake pages.

Texas Roadhouse is aware of the hundreds of scams that are out there and has had this post pinned to the top of their official Facebook page since September of 2021.

Bottom line is we do not want you or a relative or a friend to fall for a scam like this. These people are looking for only one thing, to steal your personal information so it can be used either against you or in a crime. If anyone shares this to you, delete it and let the person who shared it know it's a fake so they can start taking the measures to protect their personal information.

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