You know what I see when I check Facebook for what's going on in Tyler these days? Lots and lots of kids smiling with painted rocks in their hands.

I was going to do the best 10 for the month of July, but there have literally been hundreds of new rock posts in the last few days on their Facebook page - and why wouldn't it be so popular! If you haven't joined this community, you really should. It's meant for children ages 0-102.

Rock painting communities have exploded all over the nation this summer and Tyler, Texas probably had some of the biggest growth in the span of a month. When we published a story about the Tyler, Texas Rocks Facebook group, it only had 3,000 members.

Now, exactly one month later, there are 10,087 members!

It's not slowing down either. Every single day you will find photos of new rocks being hidden or being found - and the kids love it. If you're a parent, I'm sure you love it too because your children are being creative, going outside and sharing positive messages across Tyler and other nearby cities like Ben Wheeler, Chandler, Jacksonville, Lindale and Whitehouse - keep looking, I'm sure there's more than that.

You can literally find these rocks anywhere. People have found them in the ice cream aisles at Brookshire's, in vending machines, at parks, at doctor's offices, Walmart... literally everywhere. I'm sure if you just go about your day with your eyes peeled, you'd find one too.

It's pretty great because people will drop some great hints if you're hardcore about finding them.

What are some of your favorites that you or your kids have found/made?

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