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East Texas is one beautiful place. Lots of tall pine trees, wide open farmland, along with bustling cities that are full of life and adventure. There are lots of backroads to explore where we will be amazed by all the beauty from the rolling landscape that will soon be full of spring blooms and greening pastures. One of the most beautiful places in East Texas, is Tyler, Texas.

We hope this beauty will last forever, it will, but it's going to take all of us to be proactive and protect what we have been given. We're all guilty of littering from time to time. Whether it's dropping a receipt in the Brookshire's parking lot, throwing a Sonic burger wrapper out the window, or leaving a Dr Pepper bottle on the back of the truck and driving off, we've all littered. All of that litter eventually piles up in one place it seems or it gets blown into or washed into a creek or stream when it rains.

After our recent rainfall, you can see where the water rose in our creeks then receded and left behind trash from who knows where. We all can be a part of the Great Tyler Cleanup and help continue to keep Tyler and East Texas a beautiful place to live. The Great Tyler Cleanup is looking for volunteers to show some pride in their community and in the city they live in. The event will be hosted at Southside Park in Tyler on Saturday, April 1st beginning at 9 a.m.

While the clean-up event is hosted at Southside Park, volunteers can focus on any part of the city they would like. Volunteers could help clean up another park, trail, street, under a bridge, creek bank or retail center. Some supplies will be provided by Keep Tyler Beautiful along with special t-shirts and lunch for those that pre-register for the event.

It is going to take an effort from all of us to preserve the beauty that we were given so that our future generations can experience what we get to experience right now.

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