It's been four weeks now since three people were murdered on the day after Christmas at a gas station in Garland. And the hunt for the 14-year-old suspect, Abel Elias Acosta, continues.

An update to a shocking story we brought you earlier this month, when ABC13 reported "Garland PD said that they have evidence showing he was the gunman who left three teens dead and wounded a fourth at the suburban gas station's convenience store Sunday."

Now U.S. Marshals are stepping up to aid local police in the search for accused killer who is assumed to be dangerous. But for now there just isn't much to go on and according to FOX 4. Meanwhile families of the victims are wondering how a child can just disappear like this.

You may recall that Acosta's father. who had driven his son to and from the murder scene, turned himself into police the following day -- but they aren't getting much from him.

Police are rifling through phone records and social media accounts, but are still coming up short and aren't getting useful tips to go on.

The suspect's victims are 14-year-old Xavier Gonazalez, 16-year-old Ivan Noyala, and 17-year-old Rafael Garcia. And the family of Xavier Gonzales and police are now hoping a $10,000 reward for information will help find the suspect

"We want him to pay for what he did," says his aunt. "We want him to be found."

Police do advise that Abel is considered armed and dangerous, and the murder weapon has yet to be found.

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