The curious case of Mr. Piggy Smalls of Tyler, Texas.

Over the course of the last several months, some Tyler area residents noticed a surprising and sweet visitor hanging around S. Broadway and the Rose Rudman Park area. A little black pot-bellied pig. Although some were concerned that it might be a wild hog, Tyler Parks and Recreation confirmed that no, it was just a cute little pig.

You can see the beginning of this charming story here.

And this little piggy did charm many East Texans. Those who encountered him said he was sweet and even willing to take "pigtures" on occasion. He became so loved by East Texans, he was given a couple of nicknames. We've heard "Piggy Smalls" and the "Notorious P.IG."

He was so loved, he even had his own Facebook page.

Despite the fact that he was a delightful surprise to happen upon, obviously, it isn't sustainable for a little pig to wander about the city by himself. In fact, many started to be concerned for his safety long-term.

Last week, Tyler Parks and Recreation posted on their Facebook page that they'd asked for help in "capturing" the piggy so he could be moved to a forever, loving home.

And now happily, this has come to pass. Animal Control was able to gently capture him so that he could begin his next chapter at Piggie Sanctuary at Heaven's Gate Farm. Not only is he safe and warm, but he will also soon have quite a few other piggy friends with which to play:

Yeah, I love what they said at the end, too:

I thank everyone who helped show him that people can be good.

Indeed. It says so much that so many East Texans were so kind to him when they saw him and were so concerned for his safety.

If you're interested in keeping up with "Piggy Smalls" as he begins this next chapter, you can follow along via their Facebook page.

And for those of us who love inspirational stories about the fuzzy creatures we love so much, you don't want to miss the story of Gus:

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