For any of us who have fond childhood memories of  Winnie the Pooh, his friends, and the Hundred Acre Wood, this story coming out of Tyler, Texas is likely to warm your heart.

Today, Tyler Parks and Recreation posted on their Facebook page about a surprising and sweet visitor having a bit of an adventure at Rose Rudman Park in Tyler. They'd been receiving reports from visitors to Rose Rudman that they'd seen a pig. A little black pig.

Granted, some of those reports expressed concern that there may be a wild hog running rampant and were worried that the animal may pose a threat. However, it was later confirmed that it is NOT a wild hog. Nope, it's just a cute little black pig that, according to the Tyler Parks and Recreation post, is actually quite sweet, friendly, and ready to take "PIGtures" with visitors.

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Does anybody else want to leave work today and go take a "pigture" with the cute little black pig at Rose Rudman in Tyler, Texas?

In a statement they shared on their Facebook page, the Tyler Parks and Recreation folks shared their hopes for anyone who may happen to encounter it while walking on the trail:

We are asking that you please do not harm it if you happen to meet it. Several groups are trying to catch it and are looking for a good home for it.

Has anyone contacted Christopher Robin, yet? I think this pig would LOVE to find a home with Winnie the Pooh and friends out at the Hundred Acre Wood. Or, I suppose a loving East Texas family or sanctuary would be the next best thing. ;)

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