If you want to confront your fear of heights, look no further than the tallest pool in Texas!

Here's the catch. According to Wide Open Country, the pool stands 42 stories high and extends 10 feet out with a glass bottom, which means you can walk on what appears to be air with a view of what's below your feet.

Market Square Apartments located in Houston recently posted a video of the view beneath the pool, which has garnered over 2.7 million Facebook views as of this writing.

I don't know guys... even if you're on the side without the glass bottom, I'd still be uneasy wading in the water. The pools for this building are only open to residents so get your friend to rent an apartment there! NBC reports that a one bedroom, one bath unit will cost $2,195 per month - not too bad for a luxury condo with the coolest/scariest pool in the state of Texas.

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