After watching this, you'll want to bake a cake just to try it.  This cake-cutting hack is one of the best things to happen to us in 2020.

People are cutting cakes with wine glasses, and we can't get enough.

There are so many great things about this genius life hack.

It saves plates.

Frosting doesn't build up on the main cutting knife.

The host's hands are not all over your piece of cake as it makes its way to your plate.

You control the size.  If you want a small piece, aim for a half-moon, and if you want to go big, outline the full circle with cake and fill up the glass.

It's strangely satisfying to feel the spongy cake slide into your glass.  It's smooth like buttah.  But it's cake.

There's less mess.

You've always wanted to eat cake with a spoon, and having cake in a wine glass begs for a round utensil.

It's fun!

This hack has been popping up on Youtube and Instagram, and it's gone viral in the past week.  The Kitchn points out the added bonus that if anyone in the group happens to be one of those “I don’t like the frosting” people, they can just wait until all the outside edges are gone and cut themselves a slice made entirely of the insides! Brilliant.

Oh, this is so good. Why didn't we think of this before?

And what's next?  Maybe brownies in a coffee mug, or apple pie in a Yeti.  This is going to ensure that the pandemic baking craze keeps going right on through the holidays.

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