Three-day Weedstock Festival in Stillwater, OK is still a "go" for this weekend. The college town in Oklahoma will be hosting one of the biggest festivals post-COVID, with live music from Randy Rogers Band, Parker McCollum, William Clark Green, Flatland Cavalry and more.

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Despite the misgivings of Stillwater's mayor, organizers will soldier on this weekend with several social distancing measures including a mask requirement, temperature checks, 6-foot distance signs, hand washing stations, masks and gloves for employees, and more.

One Weedstock organizer spoke with CNN looking to put peoples minds at ease:

“They have purchased thousands of dollars worth of personal protective equipment including mask, gloves and plexi-glass. We will have masks on hand for anyone arriving without a mask so that they can enter the festival. If someone refuses to wear a mask inside they will be asked to leave. We are doing more than what is required of us.

Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce also encouraged people to take public health into consideration. "I'm asking people to consider the general welfare of our community and make the responsible and caring decision not to attend this event at this time." Last week the mayor took to Twitter to remind people that "it is not the right time for thousands of people to gather for a 3-day music festival."

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For those who do attend there will be great lineup with live music scheduled from: Chris Colston, Giovannie & the Hired Guns, Shane Smith and the Saints, Read Southall Band, Parker McCollum, Flatland Cavalry, Randy Rogers Band, William Clark Green and more.

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