The City of Tyler recently shared a press release urging residents to stay home and off the roads, if possible.

While we currently don't expect the "Snowmageddon" we experienced in February of last year, Winter Storm Landon looks to bring plenty of the freezing rain and sleet that can make our roads treacherous.

The "wintry mix" has already begun, and the freezing rain, sleet, snow, and below-freezing temperatures are predicted to continue into Friday.

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Please take cautionary measures at home, and if you can, STAY home. Many businesses have already let their employees go home early and plan a "work from home" day on Friday. Obviously, many schools have also closed.

On a larger scale, the City of Tyler has already put various emergency services in place and is taking precautions, as needed. In Thursday's press release, we received information about some of the specifics. They are as follows:

Emergency Services Available to Tyler, Texas residents

Please remember emergency services are available. These include the fire and police departments, street, water, sewer, and traffic services.

The City of Tyler shared that "emergency service capabilities are at full strength and City departments are in frequent communication with each other to ensure that all necessary preparations are in place."

"What about our roadways?"

Please know first off that people are "urged to stay home and only go out if necessary. Motorists should drive slowly and increase the distance between vehicles."  

In regard to precautions taken to upgrade road safety, the City of Tyler Streets Department has their crews working all day and night long to keep the roads sanded--including for our first responders and other emergency services. They're currently operating three sanding trucks. They are prioritizing bridges, overpasses, and emergency room entrances at our hospitals. 

And FYI, the responsibility for sanding any state highways--which include Broadway, Loop 323, I-20, and Toll 49--rests with TxDOT. Any Smith County roads or bridges are cared for by Smith County crews, rather than the city. 

Crews are also on standby to clear fallen trees from roadways. Residents are advised to keep their distance from the trucks so the crews can do their jobs safely

~City of Tyler

"Who should we call to report any roadway issues?"

Ilze Lucero, Unsplash
Ilze Lucero, Unsplash

The City of Tyler confirms that if any resident needs to report road issues, such as potholes, downed trees, stormwater issues, flooded streets, and any drainage issues, should call (903) 531-1393 anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. They can also use the new "MyTyler" phone App

During "off" hours, contact the Tyler Police Department at (903) 531-1000.  

 Thanks to a recently installed Advanced Traffic Management System, there is now the capability for "real-time warnings and alerts of traffic signal outages at the majority of signalized intersections. No issues with traffic signals have been reported. If intersections lose power and are dark, they should be treated as all-way stops," says City of Tyler officials.  

Traffic signal outages can be reported to the Tyler Police Department non-emergency number at (903) 531-1000. 

"What's the current situation regarding city utilities?"

Currently, the City of Tyler reports that water and wastewater services will continue as normal.

Many East Texans have had quite a few questions regarding the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). Here's what the City of Tyler shared in a recent press release:

ERCOT "has issued a Watch effective through Sunday, Feb. 6 as winter weather moves into Texas. ERCOT is forecasting high energy demand for the duration of the winter weather. On Friday, Jan. 28, ERCOT issued an Operating Condition Notice (OCN) to the electricity market for extreme winter weather. ERCOT projects to have sufficient generation to meet the high demand for electricity."

Contact Oncor at 1-888-313-4747 to report power outages and downed power lines."

"What about City of Tyler offices and facilities?" 

The City of Tyler confirmed that offices and facilities will open at 10 a.m. as long as the city roadways are safe. They will make a final judgment Friday morning.

"What about Solid Waste Services?"

Again, final determinations will be made Friday morning to make sure roads are safe. If so, "crews will complete scheduled trash pick-ups and complete routes missed due to the weather."

 "What about transportation services?"

Any remaining flights in or out of Tyler Pounds Regional Airport are canceled for Thursday, February 3. And Tyler Transit has opted to operate, but at reduced hours, due to potentially dangerous road conditions for the remainder of the workweek. Service ends at 6 p.m. on Thursday, February 3. On Friday, February 4, service won't begin until 10 a.m.

Please stay safe on the roads if you must drive. Better yet, please stay home.

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