Texans love Whataburger. There can easily be a keyboard fight online when it comes to discussing how great or how bad Whataburger is. Personally, I love Whataburger. You could kidnap me in a white panel van with Free Whataburger on the side very easily. An interesting study came out recently revolving around Whataburger and who has the best Whataburger restaurants in Texas. I'll talk less about that and more about where Tyler, Texas ranks in the United States as far as number of locations in the city.

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Whataburger Study

A company called ScrapeHero published some data recently looking at the number of Whataburger restaurants in the country, which city had the best Whataburger restaurants and even which city had the worst Whataburger locations. Some of the data is behind a paywall but it was reported by the Laredo Morning Times that Laredo had the best Whataburger restaurants in the state with cities that had more than 20 locations while Austin had the worst locations.

Whataburger's National Footprint

In total, Whataburger is currently in 401 cities in 14 states with a total of 948 locations. As much as Texans got ridiculously mad when Whataburger sold their company, that sell has created the opportunity for more stores to be built outside of the southern states. Whitehouse native and Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes has an ownership group that has brought several locations of his favorite childhood burger to the Kansas City area.


Where does Tyler fit into all of this?

Texas obviously dominates when it comes to Whataburger locations with 711 throughout the state. Tyler has 13 of those locations which puts the city at number 8 of cities in the entire Unites States with the most locations.

  1. San Antonio - 60
  2. Houston - 57
  3. Fort Worth - 27
  4. El Paso - 25
  5. Original Home of Whataburger Corpus Christi - 23
  6. Austin - 21
  7. Dallas - 19
  8. Tyler - 13
  9. Laredo - 11
  10. Oklahoma City - 10

Where to Find Whataburger in Tyler

You can see all 13 locations in this Google Maps layout of Tyler. Yes, it does count the location in Chapel Hill and at Interstate 20 and Highway 69 (which is basically Lindale but has a Tyler address).

Google Maps
Google Maps

Easy to Satisfy That Whataburger Craving

There you go. Its easy in Tyler to satisfy your love of Whataburger. Its easy to satisfy that love really anywhere in East Texas. Most East Texas towns have at least one Whataburger or one within a 10 minute drive.

Guess I need to stop by the South Broadway location and pick up a number 5 with onion rings and a Diet Dr Pepper for lunch today. Oh darn.

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