The Caldwell Zoo in Tyler had to shut down to the public due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Starting today (May 18), they are once again open to the public but with some restrictions.

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If you've missed the lions and tigers and bears (oh my) then you're in luck, Caldwell Zoo in Tyler is open once again for your viewing pleasure. However, there are some restrictions.

  • All visitors must reserve a time slot, in 30 minute intervals, for their visit in order to allow for physical distancing inside the zoo.
  • You'll only be able to walk one way through the zoo.
  • Separate entrance and exit.
  • Reentry not allowed if you exit the zoo.
  • The Chakula Café will be open, but after purchasing food, you'll have to sit in the outdoor seating area.
  • Bring your debit card as cash purchases will be limited.

Certain zoo exhibits will remain closed including:

  • Petting Pen
  • Rhino House Building
  • Penguin House Building
  • Texas Reptile Building

Also, the Events Meeting Room and playground will not be available for use and all water fountains will be off limits.

For further details on these restrictions and anything else Caldwell Zoo related, visit

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