The National Football League (NFL) is now going into Week 4 and has had some great games so far. For the Dallas Cowboys, the season got off to an explosive start with a 40-0 thumping of division foe New York Giants and then a 30-10 victory over the New York Jets in the Cowboys home opener. Then the Cowboys traveled to Arizona this past Sunday where they didn't lay an egg but certainly did not play up to what we had seen over the last two weeks. That bad play lead to some frustration being let out in the form of thrown haymakers at Cardinals fans.

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Bad Week for Dallas Cowboys

For whatever reason, the Cowboys have not played well at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona against the Cardinals. What makes the bad play even more bizarre is that Phoenix is basically a second home field for the Cowboys because of the number of fans there. Dallas Cowboys radio legend Brad Sham even brought this up before the game kicked off just to warn Cowboys fans of possible disappointment. Well, Sham was right and the Cowboys failed to play a great game against the Cardinals. Sure, three of the five starting offensive linemen were suddenly scratched from the lineup before the game and the defense had a huge blow to them with Trevon Diggs tearing his ACL in practice but Dallas still should have easily won that game.

Fan Frustration Leads to Fight

The frustration of that loss lead to a pair of Cowboys fans jumping a Cardinals fan during that game. The dude got in a few haymakers as his female companions delivered a couple of blows as well before security was able to jump in and diffuse the situation. Let's break it down below:

Upset Dallas Cowboys Fan Versus Cardinals Fan Blow by Blow During Loss on Sunday

Fights are becoming more and more common at sporting events lately with the latest being between a Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals fan during Sunday's game.

You can watch the full fight below:

Occurring More and More

To get more serious for a moment, this is becoming an all too often occurrence at sporting events recently. A combination of over zealous fans mixed with alcohol is leading to this result. Just last Sunday a fan died in New England because of a fight at that game. Yes, us Cowboys fans were very disappointed in our team's performance Sunday but in now way should it lead to an all out brawl with another fan. Get a better attitude before heading into a game and realize your limit on alcohol. The stadium's staff that's serving the alcohol should have better training in knowing when someone has had too much to drink or can't handle what they are drinking.

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