Someone from Longview, Texas posted a short video yesterday on a social media page. They had captured a fire raging as they were making their way to Kilgore on Highway 31.

UPDATE AS OF 2:09 P.M. Thursday, July 14: Longview Fire Department Chief J.P. Steelman told CBS 19 the fire was caused by high winds in the area. They responded to a request for help from the Gregg County Fire Marshal's Office. 

In only 8 seconds, you can see how what may have started as a little fire began raging and created a potentially extremely dangerous situation. Thank you to Bray Hawley for sharing it and making us aware of it. You can watch the video below.

Thankfully, the Kilgore and Longview Fire Departments showed up on the scene and got it under control. According to Brandon Michael Hall, the fire was near the Bufkin/Longview Truck Center where there are commercial vehicles present. And those vehicles have fuel in the tanks. According to the post, keeping the fire AWAY from those vehicles appeared to be a high priority.

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Since we've clearly been in need of rain for a while (thankful for today's portion), and with temperatures in the 100s, it doesn't take much to start a fire like the one in this video. Thus all of the burn bans we've recently seen in many of our East Texas counties.

So, what do you think is the likely cause for this fire between Longview and Kilgore, Texas?

Quite a few commenters suggested it may have simply been someone throwing a lit cigarette butt out the window. Jamey Jones said other things can easily cause fires, too. That could include something as simple as a tire blowout. Some even suggested it could've been started by lightning and that it appeared to be a "dry fire."

Here's the quick video:

We have reached out to the Kilgore Fire Department (thank y'all for your work) to get confirmation on what may have actually started the fire and will be updating as more info is provided.

If you have any more information regarding this fire, please reach out at

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