Unable to tour regularly, Wade Bowen has been finding new ways to stay busy during the pandemic. He's been able to keep a captivated audience appearing on tribute shows, singing with The Sequestered Songwriters, he's hosted his own show, "Wade's World," oh, and he released a couple of albums.

So, yeah, the Texas singer/songwriter has been doing his part to keep fans entertained. But now he's turning it up a couple notches. Tonight he continues his revolutionary Any Wade You Want It tour, as we welcome Wade  back into our homes.

The first streaming show was on March 18th at Floore's Country Store. No foolin' on April 1st he's at the Blue Light in Lubbock, and you can catch him remotely on April 15th at Luckenbach Dancehall.

Perhaps the coolest thing about these shows, aside from a full Wade show wherever you want it to be, the opportunity for fans to see inside a few iconic dancehalls. I've never been to the Blue Light in Lubbock, but I've always wanted to see it, now I get a chance without having to travel across Texas.

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