Oh boy. I don't know where to really begin with this story. I ran across this video on Facebook of a Tyler woman (I'm assuming she lives in Tyler) ranting about dead animals in the road. For some reason, this woman believes this is some kind of sport for us? We don't love animals? We want to murder her cat Demokes? I'm not exactly sure what her complaint is but she's doing it while driving recklessly.

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I understand that people have a big affection for animals. I do as well. Animals are a great companion for us hoomans. Hell, we treat our pets better than ourselves sometimes. But I guess one Tyler woman doesn't think that we do. As a matter of fact, it seems that we love to just go out on a random afternoon to seek out a cat or a fox (I only mention it because she does ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) or some other animal and run it over at will.

Um, what?

Ma'am, we love animals in East Texas. We do not go out and create roadkill all willy nilly. I'm sorry that you're sad that a cat was run over. Whoever did it DID NOT do it on purpose I can assure you. My guess is that cat randomly ran out into traffic and whoever was driving had no choice but to hit it. That's pretty much how 100 percent of roadkill happens.

I sat through all eight minutes of her rant so you don't have too. She's mad because someone ran over a cat, we hate cats and don't accept them in shelters, she and her kids will cross four lanes of traffic to save an animal, we want to murder her cat Demokes. To be honest, what bothers me the most about this rant is that she is driving while recording the video and at least three times she TAKES HER HANDS OFF OF THE STEERING WHEEL for at least seven to ten seconds WHILE ITS RAINING.

Forget roadkill, you are about to lose control of that vehicle and hurt yourself.

But hey, if you want to torture yourself for eight minutes, watch her rant below. Oh boy.

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