Recently, we got into a discussion at the station about rules and quirks of eating dinner as a family growing up. For instance, the TV had to be off while eating. Another was everything had to be eaten that was on the plate or we couldn't leave the table. We even got deep enough to learn the tricks we used to show we had eaten everything.

Some of those tricks included mixing peas with the mashed potatoes so the peas would be a little more bearable going down. Another was going back for seconds and slyly discarding the left over vegetables.

Some quirks were if the family ordered burgers from a fast food joint, there would be no extras added, i.e., cheese or bacon, at the restaurant. When the food arrived at home, they'd add on the extras from what was already bought from the store.

Even the rules changed depending on the generation. One taught their kids to eat everything on their plate when eating out so not to waste money. Those kids grew up and had kids of their own and are not as strict on that rule.

It was an interesting conversation and a great way for us to learn a little bit about each other.

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