It's just about the right time to start Christmas shopping. James Avery has teamed up with Whataburger once again to offer a perfect gift for the Whataburger fan in your life.

Yeah, it's a brand new charm. I'll be honest, I'm not big into jewelry, but I like this.

This will retail for $80 at Whataburger also has it on their website.

This is the second time the Texas favorite burger chain has teamed up with James Avery. They also offer a charm in the shape of Texas with the Whataburger logo on it for $60. You can get it here.

Add a necklace or bracelet and it's the perfect piece to show off your fandom.

Whataburger has a ton of other merchandise to pick up on their website as well. I really like the shirt selection, french fry beach blanket and, of course, the spicy ketchup. Just a hint to anyone out there, if you feel it in your heart to get me one of those gifts, I certainly will not be mad at you.

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