If there is one thing that radio dude and dudettes like us love, it's when we get to try new foods. Even if it's something as simple as a new condiment, we want to try it. That's why the tease of a new condiment coming to Whataburger peaked our interest. When the new year rolled around, so did the official announcement of the new condiment, Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch #2 with Hot Sauce. Of course, we gathered and gave it a try.

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Me personally, I am all about Whataburger's condiments. In my fridge right now you will find a bottle of Whataburger Spicy Ketchup, Jalapeno Ranch and Creamy Pepper Sauce. I have even used these sauces with other restaurant's food items.

So when Whataburger began teasing us last year about a new condiment coming to their restaurants, I was excited.

Many others were, too. Well the new year began and with it came the reveal of the new condiment, Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch #2 with Hot Sauce.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
This limited batch ketchup gets its distinctive flavor from the combination of Whataburger's signature Fancy Ketchup recipe, a hot sauce made from arbol and piquin peppers and a blend of signature spices.

It was immediately all over Whataburger fan's social media feeds. For the most part, the reaction has been positive. Some have said that they are either not about the experimental spicy ketchup or just prefer the regular spicy ketchup. I have not seen anyone saying it's outright bad, though.

Of course, we had to get our take on the new Whataburger condiment. Being the crack researchers that we are, we reached out to Whataburger to ask if we could try the new spicy ketchup. They agreed and sent over some fries with several packets of the new condiment.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

We gathered in the Townsquare Media break room to give the new Spicy Ketchup Limited Batch #2 with Hot Sauce a try. Watch below for our reactions and thoughts.

Needless to say, we like it. But head out for yourself and give it a try. Let your local Whataburger know what you think, too. If the reaction is positive enough, it could become a permanent addition.

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