Today is a monumental day in America. Today a woman will become Vice President, this date will be a day that goes down in the history books. If I ever have children, I will be able to say, I saw that happen on live television. Today our society will recognize strong women in leadership roles. No matter who you voted for, Americans are celebrating the fact that today a woman will become Vice President.

Many women across the country will be proudly rocking chucks and pearls as they watch Vice President-elect Kamala Harris take her oath of office. It's no secret that the Vice-President Elect opts for chucks instead of high heels and when she's celebrating a monumental day, she wears pearls. Harris supporters have been spreading the word on Facebook and have even used groups to spread the word that today the wardrobe change is happening.


Facebook groups are quickly popping up “Wear Pearls on Jan 20th, 2021” has grown to more than 450,000 members. Another group that is gaining popularity is, “Chucks and Pearls Day, January 20th, 2021,” which has over 75,000 members. So far I have not seen a local group made however these groups do have many people from the Ark-La-Tex in them.

If you are hopeful about today or maybe you're eager to celebrate a woman moving into a leadership role that we have never seen a female step into before, feel free to rock your pearls and find those converse.


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