So, the State Fair of Texas always has an assortment of interesting food concoctions to try. And I'd be willing to try any of them. However, Oreo beer will not be one of them.

Look, I'm all for trying craft beer. I love the craft beer options in East Texas. But this just goes too far.

Nothing about this sounds appetizing in any sense of the word. suggested using it to wash down the Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger.

ABC 13 in Houston described it as an "American stout with flavors of vanilla, brown sugar, cream and roasted coffee." It's topped with cookie, crumbs, and more cream filling.

Umm...still no.

If you're willing to give a try if you visit the State Fair of Texas this year, more power to you. I will not be taste testing this disaster in a cup.

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