Look, I'm a chill dude. Not a whole lot upsets me or gets me fired up. The couple of things that do get me fired up are when people try to preach to me that I should follow a certain political faction or political view and when people decide that following the rules of the road does not apply to them.

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Over on the Speak-Up Lindale Facebook group, a post went out on Tuesday, October 12, with a gentleman complaining about Lindale cops enforcing a 20 plus year old ordinance to not turn left off of FM 16 during the posted morning and afternoon times. I'm not going to give out the man's name (if you're a part of the group, you can easily find his post). Sir, if you live in Lindale, which I hope you do since you're a part of the group, you know that ordinance exists and it's ridiculous for you to question the local law enforcement for enforcing said ordinance.

You sir are not above the law. Do you also ignore the speed limit in a school zone when it's flashing? What if you were speeding through the school zone when it is flashing and hit someone's child? Have the self discipline to get off your phone and pay attention to the signs on the side of the road and obey what they say. It's not very hard to do but yet it's the hardest thing to do for many drivers.

Another example of not paying any attention to traffic laws. In Tyler, on South Broadway, between Bergfeld Park and Houston Street, signs are posted on both sides of the road every 20 feet or so saying that turning left is prohibited between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Why? Because traffic gets too condensed in that area during that time and turning left would impede proper traffic flow through the area. But I've had to stop on many occasions because someone is stopped to turn left.

It's not hard AT ALL to follow traffic laws. You're a Billy Bad Ass until you see a cop then you slam on your brakes. Problem is, by the time you see an officer who is monitoring traffic, you're already caught. JUST FOLLOW THE DAMN LAWS AND YOU WON'T GET PULLED OVER!

Is it really that difficult to drive 45 miles per hour down South Broadway? Is it really that difficult to drive 60 miles per hour on Highway 69 between Tyler and Lindale? You bitch and moan about people not following the rules in everything else but yet you can't follow a single law of the road. Whether a police officer or highway patrol officer stops you or not, when you speed, or run a red light, or roll through a stop sign, or not signal when turning, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW. You just didn't get caught and that's a terrible and dangerous attitude to have.

My advice, go back to driver's education and relearn everything you have chosen to forget because it's an inconvenience to you. Better yet, before getting behind the wheel of your two ton weapon, realize that it's not only your life you need to watch out for when on the road but everyone around you. Speeding, darting in and out of lanes, riding someone's read end just to make yourself believe you're teaching someone the right way to drive is insanity.

Ask a person who was hit by someone running a red light or rear ended by a driver ignoring the speed limit and ask them how their life is afterwards. I bet a good amount of those people will tell you of the long turn effects of their injuries all because that person felt that following traffic laws didn't apply to them.

And my final piece of advice - GET OFF YOUR F-----G PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE SOLE PURPOSE OF DRIVING. I drive South Broadway every day because it's the only route I can take to get home. I would say that half of the vehicles I encounter have a driver that is buried in their phone. YOU ARE GOING TO KILL SOMEONE ONE DAY. GET OFF YOUR STUPID PHONE AND DRIVE.

I will not apologize for anything I have written because it needed to be said and you know it's right. Relearn to follow the traffic laws even when the police are not watching because it's what you are suppossed to do to protect yourself, your family and everyone else that's on the road around you. Ignoring this is why we have accidents and someone gets killed.

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