We spend so many hours at work. Very often, those of us who want to do a better job of caring for ourselves may find it a struggle to engage in any kind of self-care during our busy work days. However, it is not only possible, but an important step in not only keeping you strong and happier, but can even help you be more productive.

Self-care definitely includes the basics of doing your best to eat well and even getting in a bit of exercise and/or stretching throughout the day. There's no law that says every hour or so you can't get up and move around a bit or head outside and soak up some sunshine on pretty days.

However, it also includes making your work space a place that feels nourishing to you. What are some ways to do that?

Add lamplight. There's no law that says just because you're at work that you should spend your hours under harsh, sterile lighting. I personally always add a lamp. That immediately makes it feel cozier and calms my nerves.

Bring in a plant. Even if you don't have a window, there are plants that do well even in dimly-lit areas. Make it seasonal if you'd like--add a pumpkin and a mum for autumn, an evergreen in the winter, and flowering plants in spring and summer. Just this little bit alone can change the entire feeling of your work space. (Guys, yes you can have plants, too. There's nothing weird about having a living, oxygen-producing thing in your office, either.)

Create a "comfort drawer." Whatever brings you comfort, keep a stash. Breath mints, band aids, hand lotion, tissues, or CHOCOLATE. Maybe even some old fashioned stationery for an occasional hand-written note.

Add a few "toys." Even "adults" need to chill out sometimes at work. Instead of spending your free moments scrolling away on social media, what about something old school and analog like a yo-yo, a mini kaleidoscope, or a puzzle. These activities can be quite relaxing. One of my favorites? Those coloring books for grown-ups. Very zen.

At least twice a day, get up and move a bit.  I know sometimes it can feel like you've been chained to your desk. If you are, in fact, chained to your desk--find a different job. ;) Just taking five or ten minutes to stretch or walk around the office can give you a boost.

What are some other ideas? Share with the class in the comments below.

Self-care on the job is not impossible. In fact, it is imperative to helping you maintain your health, sense of calm, and will even make you more productive.

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