While many East Texans cheered when they heard Governor Abbott's announcement about ending the statewide mask mandate as of March 10, many others were concerned.

For some, it still seems a bit too early to do so. KSAT 12 in San Antonio reports that "Abbott's directive, Executive Order GA-34, means cities and counties can no longer enforce mask-wearing with citations and fines."

Despite the announcement, many East Texas private businesses are opting to continue requiring a mask. And they have the right to refuse service to those who won't wear one.

And we could still receive fines or citations by choosing not to wear a mask at private businesses. They can ask us to leave, and if we refuse, we could be charged with misdemeanor trespassing.

But it isn't just some businesses where you'll be required to wear a mask. There are other Texas places where if you don't wear one, there could be consequences.

You'll still be required to wear in mask when entering federal property. Abbott's order doesn't supersede the one signed by President Biden on January 20 which requires citizens to wear masks whenever you're on federal land or in federal buildings.

Although not as utilized in East Texas as in other parts of the nation, masks are still required whenever using public transportation. That's because of a CDC order issued on January 29. It includes planes, buses, or ride-shares. And the subway--which obviously doesn't apply to most of us around here.

School districts have already begun issuing their planned policies in regard to mask-wearing. Depending on what they decide, you may have to wear a mask in some schools. 

There was a recommendation given by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) encouraging schools to continue requiring a mask for people aged 10 or older. They did add that "local school boards have the authority to modify or eliminate the policy," KSAT reports.

Are you still wearing a mask?

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