Blue Bell introduced a new flavor last summer that turned into a big hit for many Blue Bell fans. They were sad that the new flavor was just a limited time release, too. Some also considered it a response to Little Debbie and the release of their line of snack cake infused ice creams. Many people thought that Blue Bell's flavor was superior to Little Debbie's. If you didn't get to try the flavor last year, you have the chance now to dip your spoon in Oatmeal Cream Pie.

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The Popular Flavor is Back

Oh yes, Blue Bell's Oatmeal Cream Pie is back. If you didn't get to try it last summer when it first released, try it now. The mix of the ice cream with the big chunks of the tasty sweet snack sandwiches is really good. Once again, the flavor will be available for a limited time which I know is a disappointment for those that loved the flavor last summer.

Little Debbie Ice Cream Flavors

If you recall, Little Debbie released a line of ice creams based on their iconic snack cakes. They became very popular and have had additional flavors added since. I would guess this was probably a response from Blue Bell to those Little Debbie snack cake ice creams. One of those ice cream flavors was their Oatmeal Creme Pie. Some said that Blue Bell's flavor was better.

...delicious oatmeal flavored ice cream with hints of brown sugar mixed with soft oatmeal cookies and a vanilla icing swirl. - Blue Bell Ice Cream via Facebook

Blue Bell Announcement

Blue Bell made the announcement of the returning flavor on their Facebook page:

You'll be able to find it in both half gallon and pint size.

Koozies Aren't for Cans Anymore

Blue Bell made another announcement last summer of koozies for their pint size ice cream flavors. They sold out in minutes but have since caught up with demand and can found with little problem on Blue Bell's website now.

Stop by and pick up a half gallon or pint size to enjoy this weekend. More Blue Bell is never a bad thing.

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