The preview of what the new Hubbard Middle School in Tyler, Texas may look like is truly stunning.

But will this overhaul actually happen?

Well, it very likely may. In fact, there is an $89 million bond proposal being considered and you'll see it on the ballot come May 7.

Once you take a look at the photos of how the completely renovated campus will look, or at least what is being considered after the rendering offered by Fitzpatrick Architects, you can't help but feel both excited and nostalgic. The new build proposed is gorgeous and we are thrilled for the students who'd be able to enjoy it.

At the same time, so many memories were made in those hallways. And all of those hallways? Well, they'll be demolished completely once the new school building has been completed.

The new building would be constructed while students attend classes in the old one.

Do you know where the sports field is now? That would be the site for the new building. Once it's completed, THEN they'd begin demolishing the old one. So, yeah it is somewhat bittersweet.

At the same time, it will be a much-needed improvement.

Tyler Paper reports that Hubbard Middle School is actually the smallest of the middle schools in TISD with approximately 100,000 SF, and has only received small renovations over the years.

As it is now, the school building has "roof damage, ‘old-school’ classrooms, a small kitchen cafeteria, a nurse office with only two beds and divided wings where students must go outside throughout the day no matter the weather conditions."

As Tyler, TX continues to grow and since the old school building has space and other issues, we do need a new school building. However, that doesn't mean we won't miss the old one.

Take a look at the photos of what the new Hubbard Middle School would look like here (video below):

A New Hubbard Middle School in Tyler, Texas? Here is What it Would Look Like

And if you want to watch the short video shared on the TISD YouTube page, you can see it here:

Will you be voting 'YES?'

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