Everyone in the world loves a good proposal video. And it would appear the recipe for viral success for one Austin, TX man, is kids, a cliff, and a big surprise.

“She is a beautiful girl, I have known her for a while, and I know what type of person she is — it just feels right,” Maffeo told the New York Post, adding that he loves “her smile, her laugh and everything about her.

You gotta love when someone whose job centers on happy storybook moments gets one of her own -- which is exactly what happened for Lauren Moffe at Three Sixty Bridge in Austin last month.

So as the story goes, Moffe thought she'd been hired to shoot someone's wedding proposal, little did she know that it would be her own.

According to New York Post, her boyfriend, Nick Maffeo, colluded with his now fiancé's best friend to make this magical moment happen. They even brought Moffe’s two sons, Romeo and Theo, in on the surprise last month.

“He is very peaceful, he has a lot of love for people, he is so sweet and, more importantly, he is a great role model for my kids to look up to," says Moff. "Nick came into our lives at the perfect time and the kids are so excited to have him as a bonus dad. He loves them as his own and they love him sincerely.”

It's safe to say this is a day they'll remember forever, but good thing it'll be even easier now to recall every detail thanks to this video.

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