Buc-ee's is a popular subject among Texans. Whether its the cool shirt they picked up at their last visit, enjoying a new bag of Beaver Nuggets or rumors about where the next Buc-ee's location could pop up, Buc-ee's is overwhelmingly popular with a majority of folks. That doesn't mean that some are not as positive about their Buc-ee's experience.

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Buc-ee's is Always Busy

Buc-ee's, for the most part, is an enjoyable experience. For us in East Texas, the Buc-ee's in Terrell is familiar territory. Anytime we make a stop there, the store is packed. I've stopped by there at 2 a.m. before and it would still have a steady stream of customers. While my, and many of yours, experience has been positive when there, that doesn't mean that others have had the same.

Better Business Bureau Ranking

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB for the remainder of this story, has several unresolved complaints from Buc-ee's customers. Because of those unresolved complaints, the BBB has given Buc-ee's an "F" rating and is a BBB unaccredited business. If you go to bbb.org, you can see these complaints.

Unresolved Complaints Against Buc-ee's

One complaint talks about using their card and it was declined. They paid for their purchase with another card. Later, the card that was declined got charged for the purchase made with the other card. They have called the store and can't get an answer as to why their money has not been returned.

Another complaint tells of seeing a grill/smoker marked with a price of $399. The gentleman paid for the grill/smoker but said he would need to return with a trailer to pick it up after work. When he returned to pick up the grill, as it was being loaded onto his trailer, a manager walked out and said that this grill/smoker was $999, not the $399 he paid. The complaint doesn't state if he paid the difference or got a refund but does say the manager refused to continue loading the grill.

The company has stated they will not answer complaints forwarded to them by the BBB.

When you look on the BBB's website, it says that "The company has stated they will not answer complaints forwarded to them by the BBB." I will mention that some complaints are a little questionable, some even downright inconsequential, but that doesn't take away from the fact that a customer was unhappy and it seems nothing was done about it.

If you want to check out some of the complaints, you can see them at the BBB Website.

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