Renovations have been approved for Bergfeld Park’s Theater. Tyler City Council approved acceptance of a donation from Centene Corporation toward the reconstruction of park’s stage in the amphitheater.

Centene’s donation of $325,000, the estimated cost of the project, will be paid out in two installments used specifically for phase II of the Bergfeld Park Master Plan. The agreement dictates that the amount will be paid in two installments, one upon the execution of the agreement, followed by the second when the project is completed.

“We are thrilled with the partnership Centene has brought to Tyler,” said Stephanie Rollings, Tyler Parks and Recreation director. “The amphitheater is in great need of an update and now we will be able to offer a much nicer facility to the public.”

The original stage was built as part of the amphitheater funded by a donation made by Sears-Roebuck & Co. in 1936. Sears generously donated the construction to the Tyler park after the support the community showed during the Great Depression. The current plaque which designates the amphitheater “Gen. Wood Amphitheater” will remain to honor the historical significance, and only the stage will be renamed.

This the second phase of the Bergfeld Master Plan. The first phase was completed in Summer 2015, which resulted in a new playground area for children. City Councilman Don Warren and several community members have been working hard to see the completion of this project.