Jeremy McComb has been around for a while. As a songwriter, as an opener for Larry The Cable Guy and as an artist. He's known Big D and Bubba for about 20 years, give or take, so it was easy to sit down with them and catch up.

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Jeremy McComb recorded his own version of "Wagon Wheel" which has been covered by Old Crow Medicine Show and Darius Rucker. The story of "Wagon Wheel" is a fascinating one. The song was originally written in part by Bob Dylan. Either Dylan didn't remember writing it or just didn't care but another song writer took over the song and finished it.

Jeremy McComb was, at one time, the tour manager for Larry The Cable Guy. Jeremy has the behind the scenes stories that no one else can tell. For instance, they were flying and going through the aurora borealis and Jeremy thought that Jesus was coming back. He wakes up Larry all panicked thinking horses would start coming down from Heaven.

Jeremy McComb was also in the studio to perform a new song called "Cotton's Gettin' High." Listen to the in studio performance at the top of the page.

He'll have a new album coming out soon but you can buy the first two singles, "Withdrawals" and "Cotton's Gettin' High" right now. Find out more about Jeremy at

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