Big D loves coming up with games for the show to play. Big D thought up of the idea to pick a letter of the alphabet. Using that letter, starting with him, they had to quickly think of a name that began with that letter. If one of them stumbled, that person had to bite their balloon.

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First, the warning - There is a bit of danger in playing this game. The popped balloon could get lodged in your throat. Big D and Bubba are professional idiots so take extreme caution, or don't do it at all, if you want to play.

Big D, Bubba and Carsen were the three to play. Patrick apparently wanted nothing to do with it (chickened out). The letter the show was given was "S". It all started with Big D. They went around pretty good in the first round.

Ultimately, Big D ended up being the one to stumble in the first round. He took his "prize" and bit down on his balloon until it popped. That looked like it stung. Probably about the same as if you stretched the balloon out before blowing it up and snapping it back onto your lips.

Round two began with Bubba against Carsen using the same letter "S". After Carsen threw out Sauron from Lord of the Rings, Bubba couldn't recover. Bubba took his huge "Happy Birthday" balloon and bit down. The pop blew Bubba back a couple of feet. Carsen wins.

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