Charlie Daniels is not only a country music legend, he is a national treasure. It's always a pleasure when he sits down to talk with Big D and Bubba. In a way, it's like listening to your wise grandpa on the porch on a Sunday afternoon.

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I like Big D's idea about having a "Charlie Line". If we need some sound advice, like whether to get four tires or just two, we could call a number and Charlie Daniels gives us his best advice. I sense a Kickstarter campaign coming on.

It was great hearing about Big D and Bubba's first encounter with Charlie Daniels. They got to talk with Charlie on the phone. Big D and Bubba just sat on a couch and enjoyed the fifteen minute conversation.

Charlie is so humble, too. Big D., Bubba and Patrick have a great admiration for Charlie. To hear Charlie say "Thank you" for their accolades, you can tell his success doesn't go to his head.

Too bad Charlie couldn't be a weekly guest on the show. He's so busy traveling and entertaining folks, he wouldn't have time for that.

We miss you Charlie Daniels.

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