How can you not love Chris Janson? Dude has some great tunes of his own like "Good Vibes", "Buy Me A Boat", "Holdin' Her", "Fix A Drink" and "Drunk Girl". But he also loves some of the greats of country music.

Recently Chris sat down with Big D and Bubba in the studio and to give us some covers of his favorite artists and their songs.

First up is from a good friend of the Big D and Bubba morning show, Charlie Daniels. Chris Janson covers a part of "Long Haired Country Boy."

Big D and Bubba wanted to hear what Chris could come up with "on the spot". The guys just "wanted something classic." So Chris brought out some Merle Haggard.

To complete the trifecta of country greats, Chris brought up a gentleman that Big D and Bubba are trying to get into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Bocephus' "Born To Boogie."

Thanks Chris Janson for the fun time in the studio.

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