Chris Young visited the Big D and Bubba studio to talk about his new music but the conversation went beyond that.

Chris Young wanted to start his career by wearing sweat pants. Meaning that how he dressed early in his career kinda pigeon holed him into having to always dress that way. Big D weighed in because some of their first promotional photo shoots, Big D wore a hat. After that, Big D was expected to wear a hat everywhere.

Big D and Bubba roped Chris into playing a game, Google Translate Karaoke. They took "Voices" and Google translated it a few times and he had to sing the lyrics that were produced. The results were hilarious.

Big D loves making fun of Bubba and Chris Young's Star Wars fandom. So Big D thought he would stump them with some "super hard" Star Wars trivia. They kinda got stumped on a question or two which was surprising. Bubba and Chris would make good Comic Con buddies.

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