Big D and Bubba brought a brand new group into the studio made up of Colbie Caillat (yes, that Colbie Caillat), Justin Young, Nelly Joy, & Jason Reeves. Their music and harmonies are fantastic. And they're two couples. Colbie is engaged to Justin Young while Jason Reeves is married to Nelly Joy.

We learned how long they knew each other and how they came together to form this new group. And they sound fantastic. Listen to their debut tune, "Gone West", below.

Of course Colbie Caillat is known for some big pop hits like "Bubbly" and "Realize". That's where a lot of these relationships were formed. 

They talked about their first performance at the Grand Ole Opry. No surprise to us, they were welcomed at the Opry and felt like they had been a part of it for years.

Somehow the conversation turned to butt grooves and MySpace which is just Big D and Bubba being them.

If you want to find out more about Gone West, just head over to

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