Adam Doleac is a Southern boy through and through. He's from Mississippi. He told a story of receiving a three page letter from a gentleman in Louisiana that basically gave his full ancestry. He got this letter while playing in the College World Series. He can also say that he batted 1.000 by going 2 for 2 while pinch hitting.

He started out, like a lot of country artists, as a song writer. Darius Rucker is the most recent country artist to record one of his songs, "Don't". Adam actually had a hard time giving that song to another artist because he liked it so much.

Adam is making his debut with a song he wrote called "Famous". Billy Currington and Kane Brown wanted to record the song but because of the response it got during live shows, Adam decided to keep it.

At the end of the interview, Big D, Bubba, Carsen and Patrick tried to stump him with an off the cuff cover request. Big D wanted Keith Whitley, he didn't know how to play any. Patrick suggested Mr. Jones from Counting Crows. Couldn't do it. Carsen suggested Bon Jovi. Strike three. Bubba threw out Matchbox 20. Adam gave us a great cover of 3 AM.

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