Good ol Operation. Such a fun game as a kid, such a fun game now. That doesn't mean that the anxiety of setting off that buzzer wasn't real. Well, imagine if that buzzer was a car horn. This makes the game so much more fun and raises that anxiety to a higher level.

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Leave it to Big D and Bubba to modify Operation to instead of "buzzing" when you touch the side to sounding a car horn when a failed extraction happens. Patrick is made the guinea pig in this filmed experiment. His initial reaction when the horn goes off is great. His following reactions, knowing the sound is coming, is even better.

Which piece frustrated you the most? That stupid rubber band. That thing gave me so many fits. Not because it was hard to get out, I would lose the grip on it and it would snap off, surprise me and I'd set off the buzzer. Stupid rubber band. The wrench was my second most frustrating but I could get it.

Kinda makes me wish I had this idea when I was a kid to scare my sister half to death when we'd play. Better yet, if I had a friend over and we played with hook up, that would have been a blast. Operation is still a fun, though. If you don't have it, head to Walmart and pick one up in the board game section.

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