Big D, of Big D and Bubba, has a thing for mouth cleanliness. He even goes as far as gargling with hydrogen peroxide. Back in 2013, he got the rest of the show to do it with him. Watch it above. Are there really any benefits to gargling with hydrogen peroxide, though? Yes, there is.

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If you head over to there is a list of several of the benefits of gargling with hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening Teeth

We've seen toothpaste on the shelves that advertise the use of hydrogen peroxide as an added whitening agent. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent so it can help erase some of those coffee or tea stains over time.

Soothing A Sore Throat

The foaming you see with hydrogen peroxide is the release of oxygen which helps in the killing of bacteria. A sore throat is caused by a build up of bacteria. By gargling with hydrogen peroxide, the release of oxygen helps kill the bacteria and also helps soothe your throat, too.

Mouth Sores

There was a couple of times as a kid I got canker sores in my mouth. My mom had me gargle hydrogen peroxide to help get rid of them. It worked, too. The release of oxygen in the hydrogen peroxide helps to kill that bacteria. It takes a few times but it does help.

Make sure to use it properly. Mix one part of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide (any higher and you could cause some irritation) with two parts water, swish around the mouth, gargle for about thirty seconds then spit it out. There will be some foaming in the mouth.

Try it and see if you come out with a healthier mouth over time.

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