Jay and Silent Bob, and it's sequel, are staple movies of the 1990's. It's raunchy, it's funny and completely ridiculous. Fast forward to 2019 and a new Jay and Silent Bob movie is coming to theaters.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot won't be a wide release, though. It will be released in a limited run through Fathom Events. As of this writing, the only East Texas viewings will be in Longview and Lufkin. Get all the details here.

Kevin Smith has another big project coming to Netflix, He-Man: Masters of the Universe. This will be a new animated series that takes place where the original cartoon of the 80's ended. I, for one, am super excited for this.

He also talked to Big D and Bubba about his heart attack and how it's affected his life. Kevin had what is known as a Widow Maker, meaning he had 100% blockage in an artery and his survival rate is 20%. A life changer for sure.

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