We all know Bubba could survive in the wild if he needed too. Well maybe, he's pretty attached to his tech but he does have the knowledge. Bubba wanted to show off some of that knowledge by showing us how to open a can without a can opener. Um, yeah, I think there is an easier way even without a can opener.

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We are well aware of Bubba and his prepper life. Yes, he has a stockpile of food, water, batteries and other essentials packed away in a survival hole somewhere. He won't exactly tell us. Probably because he'd rather hang in a bunker with his family. Cool, cool.

Some of that prepper lifestyle has taught him some survival techniques. One of those skills he decided to show us, opening a can without a can opener. Seems impossible, right? Nope. Bubba took the can outside and started scraping the top of the can on the concrete.

After about a minute or so of scraping, he was able to pop the top off and now able to make a cup of coffee.

We are impressed he is able to scrap the can of coffee on the concrete to get it open. Here's the question, if you're in the woods, would this be possible? Wouldn't a large survival knife be better? All kidding aside, it is impressive but we do need to make fun of him. Plus, his arms have to hurt after doing that.

Oh, and he is okay after hitting his head on the steps.

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