Cody Johnson came back to the Big D and Bubba studio to have some fun with the guys for you on KNUE.

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The conversation started out with Cody talking a little bit about working as a prison guard in Huntsville. Big D brought up if Cody would do a prison album similar to what Johnny Cash did. I'd buy that.

Next came a game of knowledge between Cody and Patrick. Patrick had to answer questions about hunting. Cody had to answer questions about debate. Needless to say, neither knew about the subjects at hand.

To close out a great conversation, it came up about getting a record deal. Cody is humble and very happy where he is but, as anyone should do, wanted to expand his music reach. He got some deals that he didn't want or the record label wanted to change his musical style, something Cody would absolutely not do.

When he found the right deal, he signed it. So far, it's paying off big. And it's well deserved.

His first major label release is Ain't Nothing To It and is a fantastic album. Tell your non-Texas friends to get this album. They'll love his music as much as we do.

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